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What is Cottagecore Home Decor?

Home Decor TrendsOur real estate agents know that a beautifully decorated home is inviting to potential buyers. If you're searching for options to decorate your home's spaces, one trend that you'll encounter is known as cottagecore, which adds a woodsy and cozy feel to your home's interior. Consider this trend for your home with these interior design tips. 

Cottagecore Explained

Cottagecore is an increasingly popular style of home decor that focuses on creating a cozy environment with high-quality, environmentally focused materials. It's similar to hygge, a Danish decor trend that focuses on creating a comfortable space that utilizes multiple cozy elements. 

The look of cottagecore includes soft hues, gorgeous floral prints, string lights, and soft area lighting, and authentic vintage or vintage-inspired pieces. Your end result is a romantic space that incorporates elements from nature. While a room decorated in a cottagecore style may remind you of a rustic cabin or a lovely beachside cottage, this decor works well in any area, including homes in the city or suburbs. 

While minimalism isn't the sole focus of cottagecore, there are minimalistic elements. With cottagecore, less is more, especially since this decor movement values sustainability.

Instead of five cheap throw blankets, invest in one or two durable throws that you adore and are of superior quality. When buyers are searching for Raleigh homes for sale, homes that embrace cottagecore are less likely to be filled with distracting clutter. 

Adding Cottagecore Decor into Your Home 

If you're ready to use cottagecore design trends in your home, you don't have to invest a lot of time or money to get started. Start with fresh flowers. Since floral prints are one of the main tenets of cottagecore, an arrangement of flowers instantly adds a romantic, nature-inspired vibe. 

Then, add soft lighting to the space. A few strands of string lights are an affordable option, or you might opt to add candles. When using candles, stick with nature-inspired scents that will coordinate well with the decor. 

Check your cabinets for porcelain dishes, etched glasses, and mason jars. Display your favorite pieces on a floating shelf or bookcase.

The thrift store is an excellent spot to find vintage-inspired or even authentic vintage items for your decor. Look for paintings or prints that feature nature scenes. A glass vase or wood-framed mirror are other pieces that work well in almost any home. 

Perhaps you're ready to make more significant renovations to your home, so it adheres to the cottagecore look. Look for flooring that mimics the appearance of wood. While hardwood floors are one alternative, engineered wood floors are another durable, budget-friendly alternative that recreates the look of wood.

Or, if you're renovating a space where you prefer to use tile, check out ceramic tiles that maintain a wood appearance. Search for tiles with a low-gloss finish, and avoid intricate designs. The goal is to produce a simple, classic look. 

Ready to sell your current home and find a new one for you to decorate with the latest interior design trends? Contact us today to get started!


Small Design Details That Make a Difference

Raleigh Design Details

When you think about changing up your home decor, you may assume that only big projects can have an equally big impact. But small design details can have a much greater effect on your home's appearance than you think.

Our real estate agents love the following small design changes that can make a big difference in your home's appearance:

  1. Upgrade your doors    
    You may not immediately think of your doors when it comes time to get creative with your home decor. But new doors can add a unique sense of style and a new architectural dimension to your home. For a simple change, paint your doors in a new color. For a greater impact, replace existing doors with something special, like one made from reclaimed wood or a reused barn door.
  2. Give your fireplace a boost
    If you have a fireplace that looks blah, paint its mantel in a contrasting color. You can also frame your fireplace materials like bricks. And even if you don't already have a fireplace, talk to a contractor about your options for installing one.
  3. Add some statement pieces
    Statement pieces can have a big impact on any room. Try looking in antique stores for items like artwork or a centerpiece bowl. This way, you'll find unique treasures that add a big dose of personality and visual interest to your home.
  4. Change up your lighting
    Having different types of lighting helps you create different moods, so try options like string lights, a table lamp, and a floor lamp. Turn on the string lights when you're hosting friends, use the floor lamp for everyday activities, and switch on the table lamp if you're cozying up with a book. You can also give your lamps a boost of style by adding bulbs in different shapes or designs.
  5. Create a gallery wall
    Strategically place photos and art on a wall to make a big visual impact in any room. You can also add a picture rail for a more permanent option that adds a polished detail all on its own. As a bonus, a picture rail also lets you avoid putting holes in your walls.
  6. Add texture to your walls
    Color isn't the only way to change up your walls. You can also hire a painter to use techniques that create texture on a plain wall. Or, if you'd rather, add an accent panel of stonework or mosaic tiles.
  7. Replace your hardware
    For a quick change, pick out new hardware on your cabinets and drawers. You'll have a large variety of options, ranging from sleek, modern-looking silver handles to intricate bronze knobs.
  8. Paint a focal wall
    Choose a focal wall and paint it in a color that sounds out from what's used on the other walls. For example, paint a focal wall in a striking navy blue to stand out among white walls in the room. The key is to choose a color that sharply contrasts with what's used on the other walls while making sure that the colors complement one another.
  9. Don't forget the simple things
    If you're stuck figuring out what changes to make, keep things simple. Add some striking throw pillows, blankets, candles, or photo frames to your decor. It's easy to change or add these items as you find new ones you love, and they can help spark further creativity.

Contact us to learn more about small changes that can make your home stand out among other Raleigh homes for sale


Prep This Winter For A Spring Home Sale

With Christmas and New Year's just around the corner, the last thing you may be thinking about is your upcoming spring home sale. And, yet, now is the time to keep those real estate plans top of mind.

Yes, the holiday season will be filled with hustle and bustle and people and presents, but it also offers the time to begin the home sale-prepping process. It really is the ideal time to make your home merry and bright, sellers.

Here's how to get ahead of the home-selling game during your winter break.

The Three "C's"

Clear Out Clutter

No, we aren't talking about candy canes, Claus, and cookies—it's all about clutter, cleanliness and curb appeal when prepping your home for buyers.

Clear Out Clutter

One of the biggest turnoffs to home buyers is a house filled with clutter. Get rid of it now.

Start sorting through closets and drawers to seek out the stuff you no longer want or need. Make two piles—take and toss—and get to work sorting the odds and ends you've collected throughout the years.  

Hone down your holiday décor as you take down your tree and start putting away garland and bows. Chances are you'll find boxes of bobbles and holiday trinkets you no longer display that can be donated.

Tackle your kids' toy pile. Make space for the presents that Santa will bring by donating some of the toys your children have outgrown. You'll appreciate the effort you put into clearing out the toy box when it's time to pack for the move to your next home.

Purge your attic, storage space, and garage. If you find boxes you never opened from your last move, you certainly don't need to take them to your new home. Give the items away or donate them to your local thrift store.

Less clutter will make your rooms look larger and give your home a more spacious feel.

Clean Up

Forget about waiting until spring to clean, do it this winter.

Home buyers will want to tour a home that sparkles and shines, and no, we aren't referring to the glitter that fell off your holiday décor.

Try to look at your home like an interested buyer would. Give special attention to your kitchen and bathrooms. If you would be disappointed to find dust-lined baseboards, moldy grout, and sticky, spotted cabinets, you can assume a prospective buyer would be too.

Have carpeted flooring? Consider hiring a professional carpet cleaner to remove old stains and pet scents to refresh your fibers. 

Wipe down mirrors and windows to let the light shine in and around your home.

Check out walls and doors to see what scuffs can be easily removed with soap and water and what may need to be repainted.

Cleaning now will give you a leg up on the home staging you'll do before you list your home to sell.

Consider Curb Appeal

You may not want to spend a lot of time outside now that the cold weather has set in, but you can still take a look at your home's curb appeal and make plans.

How do your gutters look? Are they lined with leaves and debris? It's probably time to have them cleared and cleaned.

Are your driveway and sidewalks mildewed and stained? Perhaps you should have them pressure washed on a warmer winter day.

What about your trees and plants? Do you need to have any dead limbs removed? Should you replace any diseased bushes or shrubs?

Has your siding faded over the past few years? Do your shutters and front door need a new coat of paint? Ask family and friends to recommend a few painters.

Think about your home's exterior and your landscaping now to determine what you will want to fix before a buyer pulls up to your curb—first impressions always matter, you know.

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